There are so many places out there that you can turn to when you want stunning jewellery for your everyday look. If you’re looking for advice on where to turn, and why it’s the right call, take a moment to consider Marie-France Design. Not only is this going to give you beautiful, stunning pieces that you’ll cherish, you will also get the background that you deserve on why this collection is the right choice for the modern shopper!

Where did the inspiration for these pieces come from?

Let’s start from the beginning and show you how this came about. After studying and working for Chanel in Central London, Marie made the decision to start her own jewellery business at the end of 2020. Her goal was to focus on blending stunning pieces with a focus on sustainability as well as actual positive mental and emotional effects.

The inspiration from this came from the realization that the stone, amber, was responsible for helping calm and soothe her teething son. This sparked her idea to create natural stone-focused pieces (such as the resulting amber and gold necklace) that would not only prioritize fashion and ethics, but also mental and emotional energies.

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Reasons why you need this collection

That’s great and all, but why should you take the time to actually invest in this high energy high style collection? Here are some of the highlights:

  • Handmade pieces: Every single item in this collection is made entirely by hand and perfectly down to the very last detail so that you know you are adding authentic and modern pieces to your collection that will actually hold up over time.
  • Sustainably and responsibly sourced materials: The stones and metals used in these pieces are all sourced both sustainably and responsibly. This is a core concept from Marie-France Design that is going to help the world of fashion shift to a more ethical and global angle.
  • The use of energy-rich natural stones: Just like the inspiring amber, all of the stones used in this collection will infuse warmth and energy into every wearer, giving her mental clarity and emotional rest and peace that will make her days so much better on an energy-based level.

Who can enjoy the collection?

Really, everyone that wants to have a stunning collection of pieces can enjoy this collection of responsible and emotional pieces. In particular, women who are hunting for timeless pieces that will match everything.

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As well, this collection is especially effective for those that want to lift their spirits and enjoy a natural-based energy boost just by putting on one of these shimmering and unique pieces. From tired mothers to overworked corporate partners and even the casual jewellery wearer hunting to do her part for the world, these pieces are designed for every woman who can best benefit from them.

This glamorous and stunning new collection from Marie-France Design is going to be precisely what every woman needs to modernize her jewellery collection in a thoughtful and mindful way!

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