The quality of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts. This mentioned advice has been said in many ways. Most philosophers and great thinkers attest to the idea of positive thinking. So much noise happens in the world around you and it pays to focus on the topics which matter most. This is where meditation comes in handy.

What Meditation Can Bring

Meditation is an ancient practice which has improved many lives of many generations. It eases every person’s daily worries and concerns. Just think of declogging one’s mind of frills and unnecessary clutter:

  • Loosens up bodily tension and relaxes the muscles
  • Improve a person’s Emotional Intelligence (i.e. he or she can control her feelings better)
  • Boosts a person’s immune system (a person who thinks heavily about the daily dealings will impose a negative effect on his or her health)

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One can contemplate main topics which happened during a day and resolve how to improve on one challenging area. Another meditation technique can be for a person to not think of anything at all and just relax while taking in a calming experience in a meditation garden or clear space. You can explore which technique works best for you and one of the tools which can further increase your quality of thoughts are essential oils.

Essential Oils as Meditation Aids

You might have noticed that spas and massage therapy centres often invite a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

It’s usually the ambiance: the lighting, furniture, the attendants’ friendly smiles. More than the visual aspect, the bigger factor depends on the oils and fragrances used in the fitness centers.

Essential oils offer a healing aspect about them which can automatically set the mind at ease, with some of the most popular oils being:



This natural insecticide has a soothing effect on the mind. It’s frequently used during religious offerings and rituals as it is believed to have cleansing properties. Clarify your thoughts and increase consciousness of your surroundings with essential oil.



This meditative oil is usually used for lucid dreaming. Imagine the floral fragrances preserved in a bottle and this can pave the way in solving your anxious thoughts. It eases overall stress and is know to heal negative emotions.

Ylang Ylang


Some spray mists of this oil throughout their bed sheets in the evening for a relaxing sleep. During meditation, this oil serves as an antidepressant and also aids in relaxing agitated minds.

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Some Tips for Starters and Frequenters

The classic tips for meditating work for most people. Whether you’re a newbie or you consider yourself as an expert in thinking relaxing thoughts, these tips can surely remind you to pause and take time to ponder on how you carry out each relaxing session:

Make you’re Sessions Regular

Regularity can improve your daily thoughts. Make sure to find the most conducive room where you can declutter, organize and classify your observations.

Be Sure to Be Comfortable in Your Spot

Your posture can correct misaligned joints and muscles as you implement your stressful errands. Thinking of positive thoughts should be aid by your outward posture.

Stay Open and Aware

Being constantly closed in can constrain your breathing pattern. This discourages a healthy way of evenly distributing oxygen all throughout the different parts of your body.

Every person has a different style in meditating. The aim, however, should be the same: it should calm the mind and ease a person form anxiety. With the aid of essential oils, constant meditation can improve a person’s quality of life.

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